I step across the stone path, 

below the tree that sways in the wind 

and holds life in its long vines, 

swinging just above your head.

I hear the birds singing with joy to a 

song only they know how to hum along to.

I feel the salty breeze hit my sun kissed face, 

as my toes clinch to the 

wet sand beneath them.

I taste the citrus sting from the 

tropical pineapple drink, 

that clings to my lips 

and tickles my tongue begging for more.

I smell the flowers growing around me, 

giving life to the earth around them, 

never asking for anything in return.

I watch the tree hanging so effortlessly, 

with its branches swaying side to side.

I wonder if this must be paradise, 

then heaven must not be that far from here. 

I feel your touch grace my hand and rub my thumb, 

like you did when I was young.

I smell the scent of your freshly shampooed hair 

grace the tip of my nose 

and spark my memory of your short caramel blond hair.

I taste the ice cream we would share, 

as it dripped down our hands 

and we raced to the end of the cone, 

fighting a brain freeze that was inevitable.

My heart starts to ache with physical pain, 

like a car windshield that got hit with a tiny pebble 

and begins to crack at every end.

Then I hear a whisper through the trees 

that reaches only my ears, 

“I’m with you, forever and always, so don’t fear.”

I see you in the distance, 

standing under the tree 

and even though my heart my not beat the same, 

I know heaven may not be 

as far away as it seems.

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