Open Book

Open a book, and all you will see are words tangled up in definition. Open your imagination, and the words become a whole new world waiting to explore.

Nature’s Beauty

The Horizon is deeper than  the Sunset basking in the Ocean’s glory. The Sunset covers the earth in a blanket  of warm oranges and Pinks, getting ready for sleep. The Moon will soon rise singing a lullaby  leading you into a dream for a better tomorrow.

Flower Bloom

Flowers bloom when sunlight shines on them and welt when darkness surrounds them. Be the sunlight that allows someone to grow, not the darkness that makes them hideaway.

Four Small Letters

It’s amazing how one four-letter word  can be more powerful than the deadliest weapon,  containing similar parts.  H is for the Holster,  where you store all the anger. A is for the Ammo you keep refilling without care. T is for the Trigger you pull without thinking of the damage, it may cause. E is for… Continue reading Four Small Letters


A guy walks by with girth in his stride whistling, as my curved hips sway by,  “Honey, you look like a tasty snack!”  I recoil as the skin on the back of my neck cringes at his chauvinist ways.  I take a step back and look at him with a glint in my eyes,  “Honey,… Continue reading Honey


Every day I put a smile on my face  pretending everything is okay.  Laughing along,  better yet I’m the jokester at every party Making people grin from cheek to cheek,  never realizing I’m crying underneath. I’m a fun person to be around,  in other people’s happiness,  I’m always the clown,  never serious or have a frown.… Continue reading Jokester


This life is a scary place,  sometimes I don’t know if I’m awake.  I stare at the grainy white ceiling  wondering my fate, if I close my eyes,  will the darkness take me away? Cold damp hands pull at my shoulders,  as a puff of wind caress my face,  making my heart race a beat… Continue reading Quiet


Today I turn 23 and it feels bittersweet,  as I look in the mirror not feeling much older than I did the year before,  but I see a slight crease where my lips and cheek meet  from all the laughter and joy that makes my life content and complete. This year has flown by without… Continue reading Hourglass